Biomedical Waste Management Services Arcadia, FL

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Biomedical Waste Management Services Arcadia, FL

medical-wasteArcadia, Florida is a historic rural community in Desoto county .Although a town of only 8000 residents, the town is proud of its historic heritage.

In the late 19th century Arcadia was the seat of what is now multiple counties. Over the years the surrounding communities outgrew Arcadia and formed their own counties.

In 1905 the town was almost totally destroyed by a devastating fire that hampered the growth and development for years.

Desoto Memorial Hospital is an acute care facility that services Desoto county and even some surrounding counties .The local physician offices are users of MWaste’s Biomedical wastes and Medical waste disposal services.

The town boasts its own Arcadia Municipal Airport, serving the area with connections to major hub airports and availability of flights throughout North America. Each year the airport hosts aviation day, drawing thousands of aviation enthusiasts to the area

Historically, Arcadia is fortunate to include some designated historical structures in the community, Johnson-Smith House, William Oswell Ralls House and Micajah T. Singleton House.