Biomedical Waste Management Services Bonita Springs, FL

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Biomedical Waste Management Services Bonita Springs, FL

medical-wasteBonita Springs is located within Lee County, immediately south of Fort Myers and immediately north of Naples.

One of the city’s major attractions is Bonita Beach, located on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. As expected Bonita Springs is a major destination for tourists searching for sand and sun.

Numerous medical facilities are located in Bonita Springs, attracting patients from both the Naples and Fort Myers areas. These medical facilities are customers of MWaste providing Biomedical and Medical waste disposal services.

A major draw of Bonita Springs is the aggressive development in a few short years resulting in a modern day ambience that is attractive to Millennials and younger potential residents. The area also boasts one of the most aggressive economic development efforts in Florida. The Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce leads the way hosting multiple business expos and providing workshops and support to local businesses.

Bonita Springs Fl is a major target for marketing activities by MWaste offering Biomedical and Medical waste disposal the area.

Although the the area depends heavily on tourism, Northerners are flocking to the area, lured by the bucolic and picturesque qualities of Naples and its environs. Naples has one of the highest per capita incomes in the country. In fact many celebrities own property here including Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity etc.

Since the median age is 61 years old, there is a plethora of healthcare facilities in Naples proving services this elderly community. MWaste provides Medical waste and Biomedical waste disposal services to local organizations.

The acute care market is led by NCH healthcare proving 681 beds to local patients.

Although building was at a standstill during the real estate bust, construction has been aggressively ramping up over the last 2 years. Naples is ranked in the top ten of real estate residential valuations in the country.

Close to 500 physicians are located in Naples MWaste provides Medical waste and Biomedical waste services to Naples physician offices.