Biomedical Waste Services in Cape Coral , FL

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Biomedical Waste Services in Cape Coral , FL

medical-wasteCape Coral ,FL is located directly west of Fort Myers on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The Corps of Engineers developed Cape Coral using a network of canals throughout the city. Many of the residents are fortunate to possess homes abutting a navigable canal. The area grew rapidly and MWaste has been providing medical waste and biomedical waste removal services to the community.

The city has approximately 160,000 residents and its growth rate is one of the highest in the country. There are approximately 79,000 households in Cape Coral requiring a diverse blend of products and services.

Cape Coral Hospital provides acute care for the community along with the Lee county VA facility opened in 2012, In Over 500 physician offices are located in Cape Coral creating a demand for Bioimedical waste and Medical Waste removal services which MWaste

Cape Coral is unique in establishing an Economic Development Office which has contributed to bring in new businesses as well as assisting all businesses in Cape Coral. The EDO also assist startup companies with financing and operational issues. Cape Coral has been designated one of the best places to live in Florida which is a drawing card for companies and individuals looking to relocate.