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Pharmaceutical Waste Services


Pharmaceutical Waste Services

Many pharmaceuticals have ingredients with characteristics that cause them to be designated as
hazardous waste when disposed. MWaste is a licensed Universal Waste Transporter which allows for the collection of all non-hazardous and hazardous pharmaceutical waste.



MWaste can help you get information and resources to manage your pharmaceutical waste safely and can help establish a pharmaceutical waste management program. MWaste is a licensed Universal Waste transporter which allows for the collection and transportation of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste pharmaceuticals including chemo-therapeutic waste.


MWaste can provide service for:


  • Pharmaceutical Waste / Chemotherapeutic Waste
  • Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals
  • Assistance in Disposal of Controlled Substances
Since 2003, MWaste has helped hundreds of clients dispose of their waste
safely, responsibly, and cost-effectively.


  • MWaste has always been on time and completes their tasks without any disruption to our practice. A great partner.
    John, Physician, Naples |
  • Mike, our MWaste driver is not only courteous but responds expeditiously to all of our demands and requests. He's great!
    Valerie, Practice Manager, Cape Coral |
  • We have done business with MWaste for nine years and are more than pleased with their service and responsiveness.
    Joann, Practice Manager, Sarasota |
  • As you know, medical waste management is a very important part of the medical profession process. It gives us great peace of mind knowing that we have a company like yours behind us that we can trust.
    Kathleen | Practice Manager, Naples, FL
  • We are confident that your facility will enjoy all the benefits and great service MWaste is able to provide, as we have. Our only regret is we did not make the switch sooner.
    Ash | Practice Manager, North Naples