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What We Offer

MWaste offers its clients integrated comprehensive biomedical that are customized to each client. MWaste’s professionals can design a program that will not only be environmentally beneficial but will reduce cost and maintain compliance with local, state and federal laws. MWaste seeks long-standing relationships with its clients that are built on trust and excellent customer service.

Get to Know Us

MWaste is a privately held, debt free company that provides provides medical waste disposal services throughout Florida. MWaste’s primary goal remains the same as when the company was founded–to provide exceptional medical waste-related services that are compliant and affordable. MWaste’s long-term goals continue to focus on providing additional goods and services while continuing to maintain a high level of customer service.

mwastes office naples fl
biomedical waste disposal naples fl

Company History

Founded in 2003 in Naples, Florida, MWaste’s initial focus was on providing infectious waste collection and disposal services to medical and dental facilities. By 2005, MWaste had expanded both its services and industry base to include comprehensive recycling; document destruction; universal waste disposal (which includes batteries, mercury containing lights and pharmaceutical waste); hazardous waste disposal; and electronics waste recycling. MWaste now offers a wide range of environmental services to all sectors of the Florida economy including education, manufacturing, government and the hospitality industry.