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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services, Including Controlled Substances.

Many pharmaceuticals have ingredients with characteristics that cause them to be designated as hazardous waste when disposed because they are flammable, corrosive, toxic, etc.

New federal regulations now require that a permitted hazardous waste transporter collect hazardous waste pharmaceuticals. MWaste can coordinate collections service for these types of pharmaceuticals. MWaste can help you get information and resources to manage your pharmaceutical waste safely and can help establish a pharmaceutical waste disposal program. MWaste can provide service for:

  • Pharmaceutical Waste/Chemotherapeutic Waste
  • Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals
  • Assistance in Disposal of Controlled Substances
  • Cost-Effective and DEA-Compliant

Specifically for Controlled Substances
If it’s not destroyed, it’s not Deterra®

When it comes to safely ad permanently destroying medications, the facts can be a little less clear. We’ll keep it simple – it’s not destroyed if it’s not Deterra®.


Prevention is about more than dispensing less; it’s about properly removing the excess supply of medications that exists. Deterra is one of the only disposal products that has been comprehensively tested by an independent laboratory. It is a safe and environmentally sound solution for the permanent destruction of prescription and over the counter medication most importantly it is DEA.Compliant.

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